Busting Some Commonly Held Foot Myths


Before the advent of modern medicine, humans didn’t know much about their bodies and how they work, so we came up with some odd myths to explain what we didn’t understand. We now know that most of these are untrue, but some misperceptions about our feet stubbornly hang on. Below are four that just won’t go away. How many of these do you still believe?

1.  Foot problems are a natural part of the aging process

While it’s true that podiatric issues are common, they are neither natural nor inevitable and weren’t always as pervasive as they are today. The use of rigid footwear is to blame for many contemporary foot problems. This holiday season, save your high heels for special occasions and choose sensible footwear for everyday use. Make sure to select a comfortable pair with a wide, low heel, comfortable toe box, and non-stick soles for extra safety and stability. 

2. Plantar fasciitis is caused by a bone spur.

While the symptoms of bone spurs and plantar fasciitis can be mistaken for each other,  plantar fasciitis is a soft tissue condition. The plantar fascia is a ligament that connects your heel to your toes and supports the arch of your foot. Small tears and inflammation can cause discomfort in the heel over an extended period of time. Only your podiatrist can accurately diagnose the source of your pain.

3.  If I can move my foot or ankle, it’s not broken.

There are different types of foot and ankle injuries and it’s common to be able to move, or even stand or walk on a broken bone in the foot or ankle. If you’ve had a fall or other trauma to your foot or ankle – maybe you took a tumble putting up those holiday lights? – a visit to the podiatrist for an x-ray is in order.

4. My salon is clean, and pedicures there are always safe.

While a professional pedicure is a lovely indulgence once in awhile, it’s easy to pick up bacteria and fungus in even the fanciest salons. Reduce your risk of contracting warts, toenail fungus, or other infections by insisting on a clean bowl or basin, preferably with a disposable liner that is changed before you sit down. Invest in your own instruments and bring them with you for the nail technician to use on your feet. Don’t share them, even with family members or friends. 

If you are experiencing pain or another issue related to your feet or ankles, you don’t have to keep suffering. With years of experience and specialized training, Dr. James M. McKee can help. Call Podiatry Group of Annapolis, P.A. at 410-224-4448 or click here today to schedule an appointment in our comfortable and convenient office on Solomons Island Road in Annapolis, MD. James M. McKee, DPM, FACFAS will thoroughly examine your feet, carefully diagnose your problem and work with you to create an effective and individualized treatment plan and  comprehensive follow up.