Laser Therapy: Effective Treatment for Fungal Nails

Spring is finally here and with it comes the urge to dig out your open-toed shoes and sandals and let those feet breathe!

But you may be dismayed at the appearance of one or more of your toenails. Do they look yellow and discolored, and are they thicker than the others? If so, you may have a toenail fungus. In advanced cases where the fungus has built up under the nail, the nail may become loose and separate from the nail bed.

What Causes Toenail Fungus?

Fungal nail is caused by an organism that gets in through cuts in your skin or nail cracks. It thrives in warm, damp environments like your toes and inside your shoes.

Toenail fungus is contagious and easily picked up in damp environments like nail salons, gyms, locker rooms and public pools. Fungal nail can also be caused by trauma to the toenail that gives the organism a chance to get into your skin.

Using Lasers to Eliminate Fungal Nail

Left untreated, the fungus can spread to other parts of your body such as your skin and fingernails. If you observe any of the above symptoms on any of your toes, please come see us at the Podiatry Group of Annapolis, P.A.

We have used both topical and oral medications to treat fungal nail, but there are too many unpleasant side effects with these. Our practice uses laser treatment for fast, effective and painless elimination of toenail fungus with no side effects.

Laser treatments are handled right here in our office. While you relax, a small appliance that delivers a highly-focused laser light is applied to the toe. You won't need any anesthesia and will be able to resume your normal activities right away. Most patients are successfully cured in just 3 treatments!

If you're longing to wear your open-toed shoes but are embarrassed by fungal nail, please call us for an evaluation appointment to determine if you are a candidate for laser treatments.

Preventing Toenail Fungus

It's important to keep your feet and toenails clean and dry. Here's how:

  • Wash your feet every day with soap and water and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes.
  • Always use clean instruments for your at-home pedicure. Trim your toenails straight across - never round at the corners.
  • Don't polish fungal toenails - they need to breathe to fight off the fungus.
  • Wear acrylic socks that wick moisture away from your feet.
  • Choose shoes that breathe such as those made of leather, canvas and suede.
  • Alternate your shoes so you always have a dry pair to wear.
  • Wear flip-flops or shower shoes in public areas like gyms, showers, pools and locker rooms.

We Can Heal Unsightly Toenail Fungus

Dr. James M. McKee, DPM, board certified podiatrist at the Podiatry Group of Annapolis, P.A. has the right experience to diagnose and treat fungal nail as well as all foot and ankle problems in any age group. Please call us at 410-224-4448 to make an appointment at our office in Annapolis, MD. You can also request an appointment at the website. Come see us to get your toes in great shape for sandal season!