Love Fractures Are Dangerous and Painful


Have you ever heard of a love fracture? No, it’s not the feeling that your child or grandchild experiences at their first breakup. A love fracture is an injury to the calcaneus, the largest bone in your heel. Calcaneal fractures are serious injuries that require immediate attention and long-term care by a podiatrist. With years of specialized training and experience, your board-certified Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) is an expert in treating love fractures and all other injuries and illnesses of the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

How do you get a love fracture?

Unlike many other fractures of the bones in the feet or ankles, calcaneal fractures rarely occur from tripping or falling. Rather, they are injuries sustained in high-impact and high-energy incidents such as a fall from a height or a motor vehicle accident. Love fractures are rarely the only wounds that occur in these situations. It’s more likely that they present as one of many injuries.

Love fractures differ in severity from patient to patient. The injury may be simple or complex. It may be contained within the body or, in extreme cases, may puncture the skin and protrude. These injuries are almost always accompanied by bruising, swelling, pain, and visible deformity in the heel.

Contact your foot doctor for help

If you think that you may have injured your heel, the first thing to do is to schedule a visit with your podiatrist. He or she will conduct a thorough examination, probably including imaging such as x-rays. If you have a calcaneal fracture, surgery is a possibility but this is usually reserved for extreme cases. It’s more likely that treatment options will include:

  • immobilization with a cast or boot

  • crutches to make walking possible

  • RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)

  • prescription and over-the-counter medication for pain and swelling

After your recovery, your podiatrist will likely suggest physical therapy and may prescribe custom orthotics to provide additional cushioning and support.

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