Fun Facts About Foot Anatomy


Your feet are complex anatomical structures, unique in nature. How much do you know about their anatomy? Here are some fun facts that will help you keep your feet healthy…or maybe help your team win next time you got to Trivia Night at your favorite establishment.

  • Each foot is made of 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, and 107 ligaments.

  • The arch of the foot is actually three distinct arches -- the medial arch, lateral arch, and fundamental longitudinal arch.

  • The main nerve in your foot is called the tibial nerve.

  • There are more nerve endings in the sole of the foot than anywhere else in your body except the palm of the hand. This is why it hurts so much when you stub your toe or step on that stray lego piece!

  • There is an artery running along the top of your foot called the dorsalis pedis. You can actually feel your pulse there.

  • A thick layer of fatty tissue under the sole helps absorb the pressure and shock that comes from walking and other movements. This padding can shrink with age, leading to foot pain in many older adults.

  • The feet act as the “canaries in the coal mine” of the body. Many systemic illnesses first appear as podiatric symptoms, including heart disease and diabetes.

  • Just like there are specialized medical professionals who care for your eyes, your heart, and other body parts, there are specialists for your feet, too. When you see the letters DPM after your doctor’s name, you can trust that s/he is a podiatrist, a specialist with years of training and experience in diagnosing and treating all illnesses and injuries of the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

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