Five Exercises for Optimal Foot Health


Your feet are responsible for supporting your entire body weight every time you stand up or take a step. To prevent balance problems and protect against potential injury from falls, it’s essential that they be both strong and flexible. You do exercises for your arms, your legs, and your chest, but are you doing exercises to promote foot health?  Here are some suggestions from podiatrist Dr. James M. McKee.

Walking: With every step, your foot goes through its full range of motion, from the time your heel hits the ground until you lift off with your toes. Even better, walking is excellent and effective exercise for your entire body. It improves your cardiovascular health and can help your circulation, muscle tone, and mood, especially when you walk outdoors.

Flexibility Routine: Sitting in a chair, lift your feet off the ground and straighten your legs. Support them on a footstool or cushion if necessary. Roll your ankles first in one direction, then the other. First spread the toes widely, then squeeze them together and draw them Point your toes. Flex your ankles and draw the toes back to your body. 

Strength-building exercises: Stand holding the back of a study chair and lift yourself onto your toes. Lower slowly to the ground. Repeat ten times. Do ten more, raising your toes and the ball of your foot and balancing on your heels. Step away from the chair and place a pen on the floor. Use your toes to pick it up and put in back down. 

Resistance exercises: These strengthen muscles, which, in turn, provide better support and protection for the foot as a whole. Exercise bands are inexpensive and easily available at any sporting goods store. Invest in a set and look for some routines online. 

Dialing the phone: Technically, it’s not exercise, but when you call your podiatrist to schedule an appointment, you are taking an important step toward protecting your health and well-being.  With decades of specialized education and experience, your foot doctor is the best-qualified professional to treat any injury or illness of your feet.

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