Capsulitis Can Cause Joint Pain

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There are many reasons why patients come to Podiatry Group of Annapolis reporting joint pain. Arthritis is a problem for many men and women, especially those over 65. Others experience tendonitis, a painful inflammation of the tendons that affect ankle mobility. Another common situation is called capsulitis. Most patients don’t know much about capsulitis and come to the office experiencing unpleasant symptoms but not knowing why they’re uncomfortable. The good news is that board-certified podiatrists like Dr. James M. McKee and Dr. Adam Weaver are experts in diagnosing and treating capsulitis and all other illnesses of and injuries to the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

What happens when you have capsulitis?

Throughout your body, your joints are surrounded by soft tissues including tendons and ligaments that form a “capsule” around the joint and help it function. When these soft tissues become inflamed, capsulitis occurs. In the foot, this commonly happens at the big toe and the second toe. Symptoms of capsulitis include pain, swelling, and a feeling like there is a stone in your foot or a sock bunched up under your toes. These symptoms can make it hard to wear shoes or walk comfortably.

If your podiatrist diagnoses your symptoms as capsulitis, there are numerous treatment options available, including:

  • RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)

  • prescription and over the counter medications to decrease pain and swelling

  • immobilization by taping or splinting, or perhaps with a boot for a period of time

  • custom orthotics for cushioning and support

  • physical therapy

  • surgery, but only in rare and extreme cases

If you are experiencing foot pain, a visit to the podiatrist’s office is in order. With years of training and experience, your foot doctor is the best-qualified medical professional to help you. Schedule an appointment with Podiatry Group of Annapolis at our Annapolis, MD office on Solomon’s Island Road today. Call our friendly staff at 410-224-4448 or click here to get started.