Is It Time for You to See a Podiatrist?


You know that there are medical specialists for different parts of your body. You might see an ophthalmologist for eye care, or perhaps a cardiologist who takes care of your heart. Similarly, your board-certified podiatrist is a medical expert. Over one quarter of the bones in your entire body are in your feet and ankles, and they are supported by over 100 muscles and soft tissue structures, along with a network of blood vessels and nerves.  When you see the letters DPM after your doctor’s name, you can be sure that s/he has gone through years of rigorous training and a hospital residence to become a specialist in diagnosing and treating all illnesses, infections, injuries related to your feet, ankles, or lower legs.

Men, women and children visit the podiatrist for numerous reasons including:

Some podiatrists have gone on to additional training and they might have a subspecialty. They might focus on sports medicine, care to prevent dangerous side effects and complications related to diabetes, or foot and ankle surgery.

If you are experiencing foot pain, or if you have a concern about the health or wellness of your feet, ankles, or lower legs, the first step on the road to recovery is a visit with a podiatrist. Your foot doctor will begin with a careful examination that may including imaging such as x-rays, then arrive at a specific diagnosis about your condition. From there, s/he will work with you to create an effective and individualized plan for treatment and ongoing care.

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