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Learning to Spot Some Common Sports Injuries

f you’re an athlete, you might think that your most valued gear is a racquet, or a stick, or a pair of shoes…but you’d be wrong. Any athlete’s most important piece of equipment is a strong, flexible, healthy body. When something goes wrong with your body, you can’t play.

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Proper Running Shoes are Optimal for Exercising

Having competed in three Olympics, Paul Williams, owner of Vancouver-based running store Peninsula Runners, is very familiar with running shoes.  While minimalist running shoes were the most popular choice in the past, the latest trend in running shoes is cushioning. “This makes it more form-fitting,” Williams shared. “With minimalist shoes there were too many injuries, so now we’re back to a moderate shoe … I think when you have more protection you can run harder and faster, reducing injuries such as shin splints, Achilles tendinitis and knee pain.” William recommends that runners wear shoes that are properly fitted to ensure significant arch support for the feet.

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