Expert Care For Fungal Toenails by our Annapolis Podiatrists



Fungus likes to grow in warm, moist places like your shoes.  Many patients pick up fungal toenail infections in the gym locker room, from a nail salon, wet shoes or from trauma. 

Fungus can stay in the nails for many years and can be passed from one person to another.  There are currently three treatment modalities for this condition. They include

  1. topical medications

  2. oral medications(which can have some serious side effects)

  3. the newest modality which is laser therapy


At our practice we use a laser, which focuses a concentrated beam of laser light through the nail to eradicate the fungus living under and in the nail.The procedure is performed right in our office, requires no anesthesia and is painless.  Most patients require only 3 treatments and can once again enjoy wearing open toed shoes.If you're tired of looking at those unsightly toenails, please contact our office to determine if you are a candidate for laser therapy.





Cosmetic Nail Procedure

Podiatry Group of Annapolis is now offering Nail Restoration for broken damage or thickened toenails! It can be used for nails with or without fungus.

Are you embarrassed by your broken, damaged, or thickened toenails? Have your nails been damaged by a fungus infection or injury? Our Podiatrists can repair and restore your toenail to a more normal and natural appearance.

The KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration System is a new method to repair toenails damaged by toenail fungus and injuries. The Keryflex™ System will restore your damaged toenails to their original appearance. KeryFlex™ utilizes polymer resins that bond to your damaged toenails to create a sturdy, natural-looking artificial nail. It is a painless procedure.

The KeryFlex™ procedure usually takes about 15 minutes to perform and is performed in Podiatry Group of Annapolis office. First, most of the damaged nail is removed, and a bonding agent is applied. Then, the KeryFlex™ resin, which has a gel-like consistency, is applied to the nail bed. The KeryFlex™ resin is hardened using a special ultraviolet light for two minutes. This procedure is repeated to ensure that the nail is restored to its natural appearance. After the procedure, patients can immediately return to day-to-day activities, get a pedicure, or apply nail polish and rock those high heels.

Contact our Foot Doctors today to learn more about the KeryFlex™ Nail Restoration System.