Enjoy a Pedicure but Choose Your Salon Carefully

Before you head out for your next pedicure appointment at your favorite salon or spa, pause and think a bit. Can you confirm that the salon adheres to cleanliness standards?

If you knew that a restaurant had failed food safety inspections, you probably wouldn't eat there. You are a customer and you have every right to make sure that this business follows good sanitizing processes. Nail salons must follow all applicable state and local safety regulations.

A Nail Salon Safety Checklist

Do a little checking before your next pedicure:

  • Check online reviews and avoid those businesses that have several poor sanitary ratings.
  • Look for posted and current salon and technician licenses.
  • Glance around the spa - does it look clean?
  • Inspect the technician's nails and hands for cleanliness or wearing gloves.
  • If possible, avoid pipe-free foot baths as bacteria can lurk in these pipes.
  • Check that all instruments come from a newly-opened, sterile pack.
  • Buffers, toe separators and other accessories are usually disposable and should come from an unopened package.

Just before your appointment:

  • Don't shave your legs for 24 hours to avoid having any bacteria enter your system.
  • Wear your own flip-flops and bring your own pedicure instruments if you have them.
  • Ask for an early appointment when the equipment is cleanest.

No matter how cautious you may be when choosing a nail salon, you may bring home a foot or toenail problem. A contagious fungal infection such as athlete's foot or toenail fungus can cause pain or itching. The skin or tissue around your toenails may become infected if the technician pushes the cuticles too aggressively.

For any toe, skin or foot problem resulting from a nail salon visit or any other problem, please call the Podiatry Group of Annapolis, P.A. We'll carefully evaluate your condition and discuss our recommended treatment with you.

Remember - you are a consumer and you have the right to ask any question of any business, such as a nail spa or salon.

A Note for Patients With Diabetes

Those with diabetes must be extra careful when visiting a nail salon. If you have any injury or open sore on your feet or legs, postpone your visit to avoid infection. Let the technician know that you have diabetes, especially if you also have neuropathy, so they will be extra gentle when trimming and using the file. Check the foot bath's temperature with your elbow to ensure that it isn't too hot.

Let Us Help your Foot or Ankle Problem

Dr. James M. McKee, DPM, board certified podiatrist has extensive experience with all types of foot or ankle conditions and problems, as well as skin problems that appear frequently on the feet. Please call us at 410-224-4448 to make an appointment at our office in Annapolis, MD. You can also request an appointment at the website. Enjoy your nail salon pedicure with the confidence that your salon or spa follows all sanitary procedures.