10 Tips for Healthy Feet

By now, we all know that an active lifestyle leads to long-term health and wellness. But you need healthy feet to be active! Neglecting your feet can lead to unnecessary – and avoidable -- discomfort throughout your body. Here are ten tips from Dr. James M. McKee for keeping your feet feeling great and free from pain.


Foot Care

1.     Cultivate a relationship with your podiatrist. See him not only when an issue arises, but also for routine care. A podiatrist like James M. McKee, DPM, FACFAS has years of education, training, and experience and is the best doctor to diagnose and treat all of your foot and ankle issues.

2.     Get to know your feet and check them weekly. Be alert to problems or changes. If you have diabetes, check your feet more frequently, as diabetics experience foot sores and infections more frequently than others.



3.     Mama knew best.  Wash your feet with soapy and warm water every day. Fungus thrives in moist environments, so dry your feet well. Pay careful attention to the spaces between your toes.

4.     Bacteria and fungi abound in locker rooms and public pools. Wear shower shoes when you visit these places.



5.     Avoid ingrown toenails by trimming straight across.

6.     If you like to treat yourself to the occasional professional pedicure, make sure that your salon is clean and that instruments are sterilized. Never allow the technician to use a razor on your feet.


Socks and Shoes

7.     Minimize sweat and keep feet dry in wool or cotton socks. If your socks get wet or damp, change them as soon as you can.  Moisture creates a moist environment that allows bacteria to thrive.

8.     Wear leather shoes as much as possible.  They allow air to circulate so feet can “breathe.” Shoes made of newer mesh fabrics are another great option if you tend toward sweaty feet.

9.     Shoes that are too tight or too loose can lead to long-term foot problems. See a professional for a proper fitting. Choose a broad, wide shoe with a low heel. Pointy shoes and stiletto heels are stylish, but save them for special occasions. They can squeeze your toes, causing ingrown toenails.

10.  Don’t share shoes, socks, or other items that touch the feet. In situations where you must share, such as renting bowling shoes, be sure everything is treated with antibacterial spray.


Are you experiencing a health issue related to your foot, ankle, or lower leg? Dr. James M. McKee is a board-certified podiatrist with years of experience. He is ready and able to diagnose the source of your discomfort and to work with you determine the best course of treatment, often with painless, state of the art technology.  Call Podiatry Group of Annapolis, P.A. today at 410-224-4448 or click here to schedule a convenient appointment in our comfortable Annapolis office.