Is Your Pain Caused by Peroneal Tendonitis?


Peroneal tendonitis is an uncomfortable soft tissue condition that affects athletes and others. To understand what it is, first you need to know more about the peroneal tendons. These two tendons are located on the outer side of the foot and ankle. They originate in the lower leg and attach the peroneus brevis and peroneus longus muscles to the foot. The peroneal tendons rotate the foot outward, functioning in opposition to other tendons that rotate the foot inward. This balanced action is vital to proper posture and gait.

The peroneal tendons can become injured in a variety of ways including ankle sprains, falls, and repetitive stress. Once the tendon is irritated, it becomes inflamed and sets in motion a chronic process that can cause vulnerability and tearing over time. The ankle joint itself can become weak and unstable.

Peroneal tendonitis symptoms vary from person to person, but aching, sharp, or shooting pain at the outside of the foot is to be expected. Initially, the pain is typically worse with activity or when the ankle is turned inward but eases with rest. Eventually, if the tendonitis is not treated by a podiatrist, the discomfort will not stop. Be on the lookout for other symptoms including swelling, warmth when touched, and joint instability and weakness.

If you suspect that you have developed peroneal tendonitis, you should schedule a visit with your foot doctor. Only your podiatrist can accurately diagnose the source of your foot or ankle pain. If s/he confirms your suspicion, numerous treatment options are available, including:

  • RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation)
  • over the counter and prescription medications for pain and swelling, steroid injections
  • physical therapy
  • surgery, but only in severe cases

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