RICE Is Good for Foot and Ankle Injuries


Podiatrists often recommend RICE to patients who are recovering from foot and ankle surgery or who have sustained foot and ankle injuries, but frequently get a quizzical look at that suggestion that seems to say, “What on earth could eating rice have to do with speeding up my recovery?” The miscommunication stems from the fact that, when your podiatrist talks about RICE, they are not referring to food, but rather to an acronym for an effective at-home treatment plan.

         R stands for Rest. Give your injured foot or ankle the time it needs to heal. This can be challenging, but it’s important. Stay home from work if you can. Spend as much time lying down or sitting as possible. Use crutches or another assistive device to walk if your podiatrist has told you to keep weight off your leg.

         I is for Ice. Applying an ice pack – or even a bag of frozen vegetables – to your injury will reduce swelling and speed recovery. Be sure to protect your skin by using a towel or cloth as a barrier. Don’t put that cold compress directly on your skin.

        C is about Compression. Wrap a bandage around the affected area. This is another step to reduce inflammation. Wrap loosely enough to allow for circulation. If you feel tingling or “pins and needles,” it’s too tight!

         E means Elevation. Let gravity help you heal. When you rest, prop your foot up on a pillow. For maximum effectiveness, make sure that your leg is above the level of your heart.

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