Choose Kids Shoes Carefully for Maximum Foot Health


If you find yourself headed out to buy your kids new shoes this weekend even though you just took them back to school shopping a couple of months ago, you’re not alone. Children can outgrow their shoes as often as every four to six months, and most podiatrists recommend that no one – not even children – wear the same shoes every day. Your son or daughter might need a couple of pairs of sneakers to wear to school, specialty athletic or dance shoes, and seasonal footwear such as winter boots or summer sandals. That’s a hefty investment so it’s important to make good choices. Here are four tips from James M. McKee, DPM, FACFAS to guide you:

  • Bring your kids with you when shopping for their footwear and head to a store dedicated to their needs, where you will find professionals who can check their current sizes and ensure a proper fit. Go late in the day, when feet tend to be a little bigger than they are in the morning. If your kids wear orthotics, be sure to bring them with you.

  • For best support, choose shoes that are flexible at the toe box and more rigid in the middle, under the arch.

  • All shoes – yours and your children’s – should be comfortable right away. Don’t let anyone convince you that shoes need to be “broken in.” That’s nonsense. Buying shoes that are too stiff or too tight can lead to uncomfortable blisters

  • Never buy used shoes for kids. Chances are that the cushioning and support are worn out. Even worse, used shoes may be contaminated with germs that can cause fungal infections.

Are you concerned about your kids’ shoes or anything else related to your family’s foot health? It’s time to visit the podiatrist. With years of training and experience, your board-certified podiatrist is the best-qualified professional to help you with examination, diagnosis, treatment, and follow up. Schedule a convenient appointment with Dr. James M. McKee in our Annapolis, MD office. Call Podiatry Group of Annapolis at 410-224-4448 or click here to get started today.