Overpronation and Oversupination Are Common Causes of Foot Pain


Are you familiar with the terms pronation and supination? These refer to the inward and outward movement of your ankles and feet when you walk or run. These movements are necessary and appropriate but, when they’re exaggerated, they can lead to discomfort in the feet, ankles, lower legs, and knees. Subtle variations in posture and gait caused by overpronation and oversupination can even cause referred pain in the hips and spine.

Pronation refers to the way that the foot rolls inward as you take a step and place it on the ground. Typically, the angle of this inward movement should be about 15%. If it’s more than that, your risk of injury is increased. People with flat feet are more likely to experience overpronation, and it leaves them vulnerable to other foot ailments including bunions and plantar fasciitis.

Supination is the opposite of pronation. Your foot rolls outwardly when you lift it off the ground to take a step. Oversupination refers to a higher than average degree of roll, and can also cause pain throughout the lower body. People with high arches are at particular risk of oversupination.

Your foot doctor has a variety of treatment options available to help manage overpronation and oversupination, including new footwear, physical therapy, and custom orthotics to help correct these conditions.

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